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iscover the beauty of Monaco


Monaco, the second smallest country, has been an aspirational symbol of luxury and excellence for over 150 years. The Principality has 700 years of history and many unparalleled experiences, a place where sport, culture, and entertainment are king. A destination so enchanting that it will encourage you to stop and savor every moment of your journey.

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In Monaco, culture is celebrated. The destination hosts some of the finest cultural offerings from January to December. The Principality is the perfect destination for exceptional events at places like the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, exhibitions at the Grimaldi Forum or the Oceanographic Museum, and performances of The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra or the Ballets de Monte-Carlo. The cultural and historical offerings in Monaco are grand.


In Monaco, gourmet cuisine is taken seriously, and there are infinite gastronomical possibilities for all ages in our 2 km2 country. Monaco is a country said to have the most Michelin-starred restaurants per square meter in the world. The destination offers over 170 restaurants throughout the Principality, Michelin-starred restaurants, exotic eateries, sumptuous brunches, fine dining on top-class terraces, local experiences, farm-to-table options, and sustainable and responsible cuisine. Dishes from near and far promise a memorable journey into a land full of flavors.

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To stay in Monaco is to be dazzled by the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean, mesmerized by the grandeur of the Prince's Palace, enchanted by the world's most beautiful cars rolling along characterful cobbled streets, hypnotized by the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino, marveled by the exhibits at the Oceanographic Museum, impressed by the local Monegasque experience, and fascinated by fine dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Monaco offers unique experiences because Monaco is like nowhere else.


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