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tep into a revitalized landmark in a thriving urban setting and discover The Joule Hotel. More than just a luxury hotel, The Joule is a cultural hub, dining and retail destination, and gathering place. With its dedication to immersive design, public art, historic preservation, and creative hospitality, The Joule offers an oasis for design lovers, art admirers, and those seeking extraordinary experiences.


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UNFORGETTABLE AMENITIES AND EXPERIENCES: At The Joule, every detail is carefully curated to provide guests with an exceptional stay. The hotel boasts a world-class art collection that rotates on a quarterly basis, ensuring that each visit offers a unique and ever-changing experience. Guests truly delight in the vibrant and dynamic art scene that surrounds.

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INDULGE IN ULTIMATE RELAXATION: Embark on a journey of European heat experiences at The Joule Spa. Rejuvenate body and mind while exploring the various thermal treatments and rituals designed to enhance overall well-being. For those seeking a unique shopping experience, The Joule offers two retail spaces: Hotel Shop and Taschen Library. Discover a carefully curated selection of products and literature that reflect the hotel's commitment to art, design, and culture.

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PIECE-DE-RESISTANCE: The Joule's iconic feature is its one-of-a-kind, 8-foot-tall cantilevered pool. Take a dip and experience the sensation of swimming out beyond the hotel's edge, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape. It's a truly unforgettable experience that sets The Joule apart.

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LITTLE EXTRAS? In addition to its remarkable amenities, The Joule has been voted the number one spa in Texas, a testament to the exceptional level of service and relaxation it provides. Contact your travel advisor to further benefit from SELECT amenities, turndown service, concierge services, and more!

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Escape the ordinary and immerse in all things extraordinary at The Joule Hotel - the perfect blend of luxury, art, and uncommon experiences. Discover a world where design, culture and hospitality converge, fostering memories that will endure a lifetime.

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