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Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Uniworld is the leader in all-inclusive luxury river cruising. Uniworld boasts a fleet of 17, work-of-art ships that are sailing the rivers of Europe, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia, and Peru. Onboard and off, Uniworld goes above and beyond to create a luxury experience unlike any other.

It all starts with the company’s unwavering dedication to service. Their driving philosophy, “no detail too small, no request too large” brings them to exceed your expectations with every voyage. Every aspect of a Uniworld river cruise is carefully crafted with this goal in mind.


Travel Leaders Image
Travel Leaders Image

The moment you step onboard, you are warmly welcomed onto Uniworld’s characteristically beautiful ships. Each one is a work of art in its own right, featuring custom fabrics, elegant color palettes, and original artworks.

Arguably, the best room onboard any of the ships is the dining room - not just for the same elegant décor that defines the entire vessel, but also for the incredible cuisine served there. Uniworld’s Master Chef and his talented culinary team have ensured that every Uniworld guest enjoys 5-star, locally sourced cuisine inspired by the destinations they visit.


Uniworld goes the extra mile to create memorable travel moments for their guests. Uniworld excursions are unique and tailored to their guests, with a range of options including “Let’s Go” active excursions, immersive “Do as the Locals Do” tours, and "Nights Out" private evening experiences.

To book your all-inclusive luxury river cruise with Uniworld, contact your preferred travel advisor.


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