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What to expect when traveling by private jet

Andrea Wallace & Jessica Lesiak
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Flying private offers an unparalleled sense of luxury and exclusivity that few other modes of transportation can provide. Whether heading toward the skies on business or leisure, traveling by private jet is now more accessible than ever before, and offers unmatched convenience, speed and efficiency.

Your travel advisor can guide you through the booking process so you can relax and enjoy a service-orientated experience. If you’re new to private jet travel, here are the perks you can expect to enjoy from take-off to landing.

A schedule tailored to you

A private flight offers unparalleled convenience and comfort, allowing passengers to avoid the stress of missed flights and lost luggage. Your family or group will travel at the most ideal times and, while time spent in the air is the same, the overall duration is often reduced by half. Say goodbye to long layovers and say hello to stress-free itineraries. You’ll travel with no worries about delays or cancellations.


Easy boarding 

Flying private means less hassle — and more say in the journey. Imagine arriving and departing without going through airport lines and TSA procedures; you’ll save a lot of time. It’s like the analogy, “Why take the bus when you can drive a car?” Flying private also provides a higher level of safety and security, ensuring your belongings remain safe throughout your journey.


In-flight freedom

With no distractions and fast Wi-Fi while in flight, passengers can easily work, play games and have conversations among family and friends. You’ll enjoy food and beverages without restrictions and take advantage of your favorite entertainment — all without headphones. Flying private means spending travel time exactly how you choose. 

Comfort at its finest

Passengers can expect the utmost in privacy and comfort when traveling by private jet. You’ll enjoy extra leg room and spacious swivel seats that recline as far back as you like. And with restrooms featuring fully enclosed lavatories to change and freshen up, flying private is a great way to make the most of travel time. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.


More cost-effective than you’d think

You may be wondering, at what cost do these luxuries come? Depending on how often you fly, frequent travelers can often save when flying private. Costs are dependent on various factors like the size of the plane, the number of seats and the duration of the journey. Through memberships, some travelers pay a minimum investment before hourly rates are deducted from the original deposit. And some resort properties — think villas, ranches and private islands — include a private flight to access the destinations. Additionally, this style of air travel stimulates smaller economies. Many carriers provide sustainable solutions to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and even offset their footprint with carbon neutrality programs.

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