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Andrea Wallace & Jessica Lesiak
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We recognize the exponential need to reduce our carbon footprint so we may preserve the world that we love to travel in. We have partnered with Sustainable Travel International a global organization dedicated to transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people, to offer more sustainable solutions to support travelers through their climate mitigation journey.

With a 15+ year track record of helping individuals and businesses mitigate their carbon footprint, Sustainable Travel International is leading the way toward a net zero future for travel and tourism. Through this collaborative partnership, we aim to raise awareness around sustainable travel and provide carbon offsets to help you safeguard the planet and balance out your trip emissions.

Your participation does more than just offset carbon. It will support impactful conservation and educational projects that help rebuild, restore, and sustain entire ecosystems that extend to the land, plants, animals, water sources, climate patterns, local communities and economies. 

Make an impact with our Climate Action Program

Benefits for Nature & People: Your contribution through our programs will support Sustainable Travel International’s portfolio of high quality, verified carbon offset projects. The portfolio consists of forestry, energy, and blue carbon projects that are fighting climate change by reducing emissions around the world.

The vetted projects provide added social and environmental bene?ts that go beyond CO2 reduction, such as protecting biodiversity, strengthening indigenous land rights, improving health and sanitation, or creating opportunities for local communities.
Visit STI Projects to learn more.

Support climate projects

Our Climate Action Program is designed for leisure travel clients to make a 1% contribution of their trip cost to partially offset emissions. Travelers will also receive valuable tips and news on sustainability efforts in the industry. 

Our Climate Positive Program is designed for corporate customers, to help them assess their company’s sustainability efforts, measure their emissions, develop options to offset those emissions and communicate to their stakeholders, customers and employees.

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