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What are the standout features of each of the unique cabins on the vessel?

On board the World Traveller guests have access to all the thoughtful inclusions that come with the ATLAS experience, including: stocked in-room minibar, specialty coffees, teas and fresh-pressed juices, 24-hour room service, including spirits, wine and beer, L'OCCITANE bath amenities, and more. Suites boast private balconies and butler service; balcony accommodations highlight a private or Juliette balcony, or veranda; oceanview staterooms highlight the water vistas through cabin windows.



How does the layout of the boat influence the guest experience?

The layout adds to the feeling of serenity. With so many common areas to choose from spread across the yacht, it never feels busy, crowded or full.



What is the vibe one can expect onboard?

Luxurious, relaxing, fun, memorable.



How necessary is a balcony or veranda to enjoy the cabins?

While the ability to go outside just off the privacy of one’s cabin is a lovely experience, they are not essential to making a trip amazing. With the ship never feeling full, there will be many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors alone.


What is storage and space like in each of the cabins?

There is ample closet and storage space in every cabin, and the bathroom organization is exceptional.


What is the overall atmosphere and ambiance on the Atlas World Traveller Yacht?

High-end yet inclusive, service-focused, memorable.


What are some of the advantages of being on a small yacht?

The true advantage of a small yacht is getting access to smaller and more exclusive ports than the larger ships, and fewer requirements to tinder. It’s also nice to have the chance to get to know people on a deeper level with cultural immersions and educational talks.


How are the meals served, and what determines seating in the dining room(s)?

Guests can start the day with a buffet or a la carte breakfast where there’s often a theme or specialty item (i.e. pancake of the day); lunch is an exceptional buffet as well as some off a la carte specials; dinner is a revolving showcase of delicious international fare. Oftentimes, guests enjoy the ability to select their own seating and there’s always room for everyone to dine.


Which shore excursions are the most popular, or is there a fun hidden gem that comes highly recommended?

On this particular sailing, the included F1 Race Day in Monaco will be the highlight, however this journey will offer amazing opportunities to immerse in food, culture, art, shopping and so much more!


What is the guest to staff ratio like?

Atlas boasts a nearly 1:1 guest to staff ratio.


How can guests expect to relax onboard; what activities or special spots are ‘must-dos’?

Aboard Atlas World Traveller it’s easy to create relaxing moments nearly everywhere (both in and out of the spa)! Many love the outdoor lounge and when there’s the opportunity to dine al fresco. Others indulge in daily gelato ritual from the self-serve specialty cart. The best suggestion is to TRY EVERYTHING!


Is there a spa on board available for treatments?



What kind of accommodations and activities are best suited for single travelers?

The oceanview staterooms are the only single-supplement available on the Monaco sailing where guests can enjoy ocean views from cabin windows. As for activities, it’s recommended to give everything a try - no single traveler is excluded from any activity as there’s room for everyone!


For the adventurous guests in tow, what kinds of activities are best suited for thrills?

This sailing promises exhilarating experiences on Race Day at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix!


For the culinarians on board, what kinds of food experiences can guests look forward to beyond daily meals?

There are several artisanal food venues on the ship for foodies to explore. If a hands-on approach is more the order, guests can look out for cooking competitions, classes, al fresco dining, and outdoor bbqs onboard and ashore.


How will guests know what is happening each day?

There is a daily evening meeting that will update guests as well as in-cabin intercoms that share more pertinent information (like, “Come out to the deck to spot the dolphin pod, swimming!).


What should I pack?

In sailing this opulent region, dressing to impress is never a bad idea.Though feel free to leave your toiletries at home since each cabin is outfitted with indulgent products from L'Occitane.


What are some of the standout destinations or ports of call during this sailing?

All of the coastal ports and Riviera destinations are special, but Monaco will certainly be a standout!

What is the staff like and how do they enhance the experience?

The staff are a team of delightful global all-stars, each with their personal flare that leaves lasting impressions on guests.


What unique or exclusive experiences might one look forward to that you wouldn't get on a traditional cruise ship?

With a focus on exceptional inclusions and experiences, Atlas Ocean Voyages provide unforgettable holidays through service, inclusions and unique and luxurious itineraries.


What kinds of memorable interactions or experiences have previous guests shared about the crew and/or the ship?

Guests often comment that the Captain and crew make everyone feel special, and do a remarkable job fulfilling special requests.


How would you describe the quality and variety of dining options available on the Atlas World Traveller Yacht?

The dining experience is undoubtedly first-rate, with something to suit all tastes and preferences.


Are there any specific onboard amenities or facilities that are particularly impressive or enjoyable?

Yes, all of them! If it’s not up to Atlas standard, then they’re not offered on the cruise.


How does the value of this particular sailing along the Riviera to the culminating F1 race day translate to guests?

The exclusivity and luxuriousness of the experience is beyond what many will experience in a lifetime. Tickets to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix are exceptionally hard to come by, so to have the opportunity to watch from a PRIVATE venue with exceptional programming throughout the day, the value is truly beyond incredible!


How does the intimate size of the yacht contribute to a more personalized and immersive travel experience?

The size of the yacht definitely offers a serene, exclusive and special experience. With fewer people on board the intimate and enchanting allure of the boat allows for frequent special moments between crew and guests, as well as amongst the collective of like-minded travelers.


What onboard enrichment programs or workshops do guests find particularly engaging or informative?

It’s hard to pick just one because they’re all so engaging and interactive; a great way to meet and connect with others on the sailing.


How do the onboard cultural immersion activities allow guests to connect with the local culture?

The immersion activities are very destination specific and can take on different forms. From educational talks, to cooking demonstrations and musical performance, there’s a variety of experiences to look forward to.


What level of sustainability and eco-conscious practices are implemented on the Atlas World Traveller Yacht?

The Atlas fleet of eco-friendly yachts are purpose-built with advanced technology and equipment, and Atlas is diligently working to create partnerships with brands that share our values. Guests will also receive their own water bottles to use to reduce single-use plastic.


Are there any special events or themed evenings that add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to a journey?

Definitely and details for those special events are usually shared onboard in evening meetings or in the daily newsletter that clients will receive in their suites.


What level of flexibility and freedom does one have in customizing the itinerary and choosing preferred activities?

Guests can freely choose their shore excursions and activities they wish to participate in on the yacht.


What moments, interactions, or special added touches make guests feel like a valued and cherished traveler on the yacht?

The service provided by the crew when they go above and beyond; thoughtful cultural immersions and quality programming to suit any given destination; the specialty culinary and beverage options offered outside mealtimes.


How would one best describe the allure and glamor of Monaco as a destination during the F1 Race Day?

Top notch excellence!


What sets the Race Day excursion in Monaco apart from other sporting events?

The exclusive access to the unique venue is only available in 2023 for clients of GTC, with a number of opulent inclusions to enjoy.



What is the level of exclusivity and access provided during the included Race Day excursion on the yacht?

Guests will be able to view from a private venue not open to the public on race day.


Are there any additional perks or amenities offered during the Monaco sailing that make it a truly luxurious experience?

Few cruises INCLUDE a shore excursion as chic, exclusive, and high-value as this F1 Grand Prix race day in Monaco.


What insights into the atmosphere and energy in Monaco during the F1 Race Day are worthy of sharing, and how does it add to the overall allure of Monaco?

The day is so exciting -  imagine the F1 engines revving, cheers from the affluent and celebrity sprinkled crowd, Champagne flowing. It’s all on theme for Monaco’s luxurious reputation.


Will there be large crowds at the F1 Race Day excursion?

Yes, however all guests on the Atlas World Traveller will be treated to the most luxurious and coveted viewing points.


What are some recommended vantage points or viewing areas to get the best experience of the race in Monaco?

Guests will have a front row seat, located above the famous Sainte Devote corner, where the straight lane of Boulevard Albert 1er, the Pool, the S, and Sainte Devote corner are all visible. Plus, explore the Villa Casamia, a gorgeous Belle Epoque style venue home to the Princess Grace Dance Academy, that transforms into a special and temporary area divided into five floors especially for the Grand Prix week.


What inclusions will guests experience on Race Day?

Multiple viewing areas on different floors of the property to watch the race, Champagne reception, full-service seated gourmet lunch, F1 car simulator experience, former F1 driver interactive Q&A, live music performances, wellness lounges with various med-spa and beauty services available, and more!


Usually, what is the accessibility and availability of tickets for the F1 Race Day in Monaco?

Monaco F1 tickets are some of the most expensive in the F1 calendar, and with limited grandstand seating, they are indeed difficult to come by. Coincidentally, it has rained on race day the past two years, so the exclusive venue will provide both a great view and comfort for guests should that happen again, whereas the grandstand has no cover.


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