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Global Travel Collection (GTC) is the preferred thought leader in luxury world travel, representing the most sophisticated community of premier travel agencies worldwide.
Our agencies are powered by state-of-the-art products, allowing advisors to receive personalized support, opportunities for professional growth, as well as first-hand access to industry perks.
Our expertise in worldwide destinations, international faring and competitive products — in addition to a superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry — make GTC’s community the most powerful selling force in the travel industry.

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with proven lead-generation programs, innovative marketing solutions and career-accelerating professional development.

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to the industry’s top air, hotel and cruise partnerships, as well as value-added amenity programs that put your clients first.

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as an elite travel agent and industry influencer that’s respected by suppliers around the world.

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Training & ProfessionAL Development

Dive into the travel-selling experience through exceptional business development. Our learning platform provides a path for discovering the tools and technology provided by GTC. You’ll develop skills through interactive lessons and tip sheets, as well as weekly interactive and recorded webinars — all available on demand 24/7.
Our professional development programs guide agents toward entrepreneurial growth through expanding knowledge, skills and the capability to drive better business performance. You’ll also receive assistance in creating powerful business plans and mastering professional fees.

Airline Support

Receive important news, updates and advisories in your inbox. Our experienced, knowledgeable Revenue Management team maximizes value for your clients, including managed air programs with more than 100 carriers, offering commission, private fares and upgrades.
Furthermore, our Air Specialty Desk assists advisors who refer clients to an air expert for managing complex itineraries and fare construction. You’ll receive 24/7 emergency help, plus premium sales support from major airlines.

Agent Services

Benefit from cutting-edge lead generation strategies and innovative, personalized marketing solutions that keep you top-of-mind among your clients. As a human-first community, we’ll inspire your clients’ future travels through thoughtfully curated and highly visual content that builds trust and relationships.
GTC delivers customized emails, raises your Google rankings and provides social media collateral optimized for the platforms you use most. You’ll also be seen among our Agent Profiler platform, elevating your online presence and attracting your ideal clients.


Enjoy seamless integration with powerful online booking tools, including Concur, Certify and Sabre Red 360 — plus advanced proprietary travel management reporting. GTC’s global distribution system supports auto-ticketing, advanced quality control and the exportation of data to third parties.
Our community technologically thrives with easy access to robust solutions, including traveler profiles, risk management systems and itinerary operations. Moreover, GTC’s IT team efficiently supports every challenge from general computer issues to complex network concerns.
Travel Industry Leadership
Trusted and respected around the globe, Global Travel Collection's advisors and executives have won numerous prestigious awards and serve on luxury advisory boards across the industry.