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Andi Henig New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Worldwide, USA, Europe, Asia, Central America
Film, Groups, Private Escorted Tours, Private Guides & Drivers , Theatre & Music

Andi Henig

New York, New York Travel Agent
On Broadway

One of my top clients is a Broadway producer who travels weekly for meetings and events. His job requires him to connect in person with investors, because it is not sufficient for him to hop onto Skype for five minutes and ask for $20,000. He requires face-to-face contact, have lunch and play a round of golf. Technology is a boon to the travel industry, and it makes possible things we could never do before, but there is no substitute for personal contact. This is why it is so important that the travel arrangements I make go off without a hitch.  

I also work with stage crew members, who run sound, lighting and all the other essential functions which audiences may not be thinking about. These professionals lend their expertise to major events, such as the Olympics or rock concerts, and my responsibility is to get them from the Broadway stage to their next destination. Doing a first-class job every time is of utmost importance, because my clients all know one another, so if I do good work for one of them, they will tell a colleague. I have worked very hard to make sure my customers have good things to say about me.

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