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Alan Orloff New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
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Alan Orloff

New York, New York Travel Agent
The Wonder of India

My first trip to India was a ten-day overview. We went to five major cities, focusing on the Golden Triangle and Varanasi. The sense of history that we experienced was breathtaking on many levels, and this is one of the main reasons that I recommend India as one of the world’s not-to-be-missed destinations.  

The most amazing thing for me in traveling around India was the deep sense of history, the intricately-designed architecture, and richness and quality of the civilizations that have existed here. With each place I visited, I learned more about its unique history. I was fascinated by how advanced and how ancient India’s civilization was.  

India has so much to see, but it is a place where travelers benefit from a good travel agent. The distances are great and, as in any country, if you don’t know the territory, it is easy to end up in an area where visitors will not feel comfortable.   

Also, there is so much to know about everything you see. Going with a guide who can open your eyes and share the stories and history of each building, each temple and each district adds a depth you could not get on your own.  

It’s also worth splurging on a five-star hotel. India can be overwhelming at times, so it is wonderful to retreat to a calm refuge where you can unwind in comfort after your days of intense experiences. Many hotels are uniquely situated or have interesting histories that can make a stay there a highlight of your trip. For example, looking out your window and seeing the Taj Mahal as you sip your morning tea or evening cocktail could be one of those moments that you’ll remember with joy for your whole life.  

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