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Africa: The Cradle of Humankind
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Efua Southern New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
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Efua Southern

New York, New York Travel Agent
Africa: The Cradle of Humankind

I am half-Ghanaian and showing my customers everything that Africa has to offer carries special importance to me. I recently coordinated a 10-day trip to Ethiopia, which my clients loved because they were very well-traveled and it was one of the few places in the world they had yet to visit.

Africa is still a relatively unexplored vacation option for many people in the United States. Most are barely aware of what it has to offer. I love selling trips to the region because it has sites and experiences that are unlike any other place in the world. For example, you can stay in a semi-luxurious camp near the salt flat in Ethiopia. The area sits below sea level and is very arid with a look that I might compare to the surface of the moon. It’s something that you can see nowhere else, and I love arranging this trip.

When I can send clients back to Africa for a second and third time, they often try to stay for an extended period so they can see more places. With enough time, I might arrange for you to start in South Africa, then visit Zambia and Victoria Falls and end up in the Okavango Delta. You might also rent a car to go through Namibia down to the Fish River Canyon, which is very similar geographically to the Grand Canyon. This trip combines a wide array of experiences, from the sophistication and culture of South Africa to the sheer spectacle of Victoria Falls. You would also encounter the otherworldly animals and wildlife of the Okavango Delta, where elephants wade in the water, and Namibia, where lions roam the beach. You could see the sand dunes on the Skeleton Coast, where huge wrecked ships lie abandoned in the sand.

That is just the start of what Africa has to offer. 

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