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An Itinerary as Unique as You Are
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Efua Southern New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
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Efua Southern

New York, New York Travel Agent
An Itinerary as Unique as You Are

Every client who walks through our door deserves a vacation like no other. I will design an itinerary that is uniquely “you,” and if an area of history, geography or culture fascinates you, my job is to find ways to ensure that you can be fully immersed in it.

I recently planned a trip for someone whose interest was the history of the US Civil War. He visited historic U.S. cities such as Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia, which are pivotal sites for anyone interested in this chapter of American history. I provided him with a specialist guide who had worked on the production of the movie 12 Years a Slave. I was able to book a similarly in-depth trip with a uniquely qualified guide for another client, who will be taking a trip focused on World War I.

I also worked on a very high-end itinerary for a group going to EgyptJordan, and Israel. They wanted to see the well-known, historic sites, but they did not want to be crammed into a hot bus with dozens of others in a standard escorted tour group. Instead, I booked their party on a helicopter journey with an ex-military pilot, so even though they saw attractions which always draw multitudes, they were never in the middle of the crowds, and they always had their own private escort.  

One of the more interesting trips I planned was for clients who wanted to visit Bulgaria because they loved the famous novel The Historian, which is set in the country’s monasteries. If that isn’t how you want to spend your next trip abroad, Europe offers countless other enticing destinations and many can be easily combined in a single trip. For example, why not hop over from Barcelona to Saint-Tropez? Let me coordinate all the details and connections and turn what could be a complicated undertaking into a blissfully seamless experience.

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