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Luxury Corporate Travel Agent
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Oshra Gil New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Business Travel

Oshra Gil

New York, New York Travel Agent
Luxury Corporate Travel Agent

Most of the travel that I book at Tzell is for my corporate clients, and they work in many different fields. Some of them work in finance, some of them are in public relations, and others are in real estate. I also work with nonprofit companies, including one that I've been proud to call my client for 15 years.   

I am the “go-to” for my clients when it comes to travel. I get a real sense of pride when I create a seamless experience, and that is what I strive for with each and every booking. I’m always aware of the fact that these executives are on a mission They are always traveling for a reason, and my job is to smooth the way for them and remove any obstacles so that they can succeed.  

One itinerary that I’m especially proud of was for a footwear company that was doing a photo shoot in Africa. I worked on it from A to Z with their photographers, and it was very successful for them. I arranged for multiple safaris in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Even though I had booked safaris for families before, this one was especially rewarding because it was quite complicated and involved many people and equipment. Plus, it was for a client I had worked with for many years. Best of all, the photo campaign they did on that trip was very successful. I was very happy to play a role in that, even if I couldn’t be there to see the elephants and giraffes myself.

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