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Oshra Gil New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Family Vacations

Oshra Gil

New York, New York Travel Agent
Luxury Leisure Travel

My main specialty at Tzell Travel Group is corporate travel, but I've developed such great relationships with those clients that they usually ask me to plan their vacations too. It is great to have that level of trust from them, so I always make sure to pull out all the stops for them when I plan their leisure travel. 

I have had been planning vacations for many of my clients for more than twenty years. Many of them travel a lot during their free time. I’ve sent them on luxury cruises and safaris, and to many exotic destinations. They usually come to me because they want to see and do new things that will create lifelong memories for them and their families, so for each trip, I have to create something unique. I enjoy putting that kind of a trip together because those trips are very important to my clients, and I want them to get the most out of it. 

Some of my favorite leisure trips to plan have been vacations based around personal milestones such as an exotic trip for someone’s 50th birthday. One very special trip I arranged was two families who wanted to explore Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka. I set up some interesting activities for the group that everyone loved including a sushi-making class and a sumo wrestling match. I also arranged a special shopping outting for the kids to visit shops that have Hello Kitty memorabilia. That trip was a lot of fun to put together, and I was so happy when they got back and told me how much they enjoyed everything I’d arranged.

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