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Christopher Kosloski

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel Agent

Most of my clients are involved in the corporate side of the entertainment business, but I also work with producers, directors, and performers as well as leisure travelers. To me, every client is entitled to the highest level of service I can provide, whether they work in front of the camera or behind it, or are seeking Instagrammable moments on their vacations.

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Travel Specialties

Green, Eco-Friendly Travel

Green, Eco-Friendly Travel

I handle the business and personal travel for many feature film artists, directors, financiers, producers, and others in the film business. Many are committed to doing whatever they can travel in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way as possible, and I am happy ... Read more from my Green, Eco-Friendly Travel bio.

A Hawaiian Island Extravaganza

A Hawaiian Island Extravaganza

Hawaii is a popular getaway for people living on the West Coast because it is such a quick and easy trip and such a wonderful destination. Often, I am asked to arrange events and celebrations in Hawaii, and it is easy ... Read more from my A Hawaiian Island Extravaganza bio.

My Travel Agent Life

My Travel Agent Life

I've been in the travel business since the mid-1980s. When I was young, I was not sure what direction my future would take. When I stumbled into this wonderful community called the travel industry, I found that I enjoyed everything about ... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

The Tranquil Beauty of Canouan Island

Canouan Island, in the Grenadines, is not a place that many people have heard of. From Los Angeles, it is a long, arduous trip. Door to door, it took about 15 hours of travel time. But it is indescribably beautiful, and it was worth the long journey. 

I stayed at the Mandarin ...Read more from my The Tranquil Beauty of Canouan Island story.