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Celebration Travel in the Gulf
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Harold Silverman New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Middle East, Dubai, Nigeria, Africa, United Arab Emirates
Luxury Travel, Global Travel, Celebration Travel, Private Escorted Tours, Multi-Generational Travel

Harold Silverman

New York, New York Travel Agent
Celebration Travel in the Gulf

One of my nonprofit clients was taking a group to Nigeria and wanted to stop off somewhere on the way back. I suggested Dubai and he and his group loved it so much, he called me to book a trip there for his father, who was celebrating his 65th birthday and wanted to have a party there with approximately 100 friends.

I went all-out for their itinerary. He and his guests had a program that included a treasure hunt, with different stations along the way where they could stop and drink champagne in tents. There was a party in the desert, and the guest of honor got his desired fireworks display, whose logistics were very complicated and required me to speak with the General Manager of the ultra-luxury Burj Al Arab Hotel, who connected me with government officials to make the arrangements. After paying a $26,000 licensing fee to move the one-way approach for 45 minutes from above the desert camp, I also had to notify the sheik, who had all of his security guards there.

It took a great deal of legwork to organize this trip because arranging a fireworks display in Dubai is a near-impossibility. However, my customer wanted it and I knew it was important to make it happen, especially for a milestone birthday. This is just one example of many that demonstrate the kind of passionate personal service and leveraged connections you get from booking your travel an experienced agent and could never do yourself or online.

Otherwise, it was a straightforward celebration, with cocktails, dinner and a hired band at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. My client’s father loved it. 

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