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Joe Bilardo New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Switzerland, Spain, London, Miami, Houston
Museums, Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, International Business Travel Specialist, Corporate Travel, Business Class Air

Joe Bilardo

New York, New York Travel Agent
Art & Operations Corporate Travel

When I tell people that I’m a travel agent who specializes in art and related operations corporate travel, many think that it’s an easy job. What they don’t realize is how many moving parts there are to this type of complex high-end travel; from arranging high-profile art events to coordinating the itineraries of many artists and gallery staff. I take pride in providing the highest level of service to my clients, especially for these art and corporate travel events. 

I’ve helped to coordinate numerous art fairs throughout the years. These fairs have taken place all over the world, from as far off as Art Basel in Switzerland to up and coming venues in Miami. In fact, I specialize in many destinations across the world, including: Hong Kong, Houston, London, Miami, Paris, Venice, and many more. 

One of my biggest hurdles as a travel agent in the art world was having to make multiple emergency itinerary updates during the 2010 volcanic eruptions in Iceland. At the time, I had many clients participating in the London Art Fair who needed a reliable way to get home. Because of our longstanding insider travel industry connections, I was able to hire a private driver for one of my clients to take her to Spain to catch a flight back home. She was extremely grateful that I went above and beyond to help her. My clients know that they can trust me to do whatever I can to make their travel dreams—and needs—come true. 

If you’re ready to plan your next art-related travel, whether as an artist or as a part of operations for an event, please contact me today. I specialize in this type of travel and know exactly what you need to make your journey a success. 


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