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Michelle Rosen
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Michelle Rosen Encino, CA Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International Encino
Italy, Greece, South Africa, Maldives, USA
Adventure, Food & Wine, Arts & Culture, Family Vacations

Michelle Rosen

Encino, California Travel Agent
Luxury & Entertainment Travel Agent

Michelle Rosen has been an entrepreneur since starting in the travel arena over 25 years ago. She is able to understand the various needs of each traveler and anticipates the customer challenges, understanding that everyone is an individual with individual needs. Michelle is aligned with Protravel International where she leads a boutique team of talented agents handling corporate, personal and event travel. With her team she has created a personable and exclusive client-agent relationship within an agency that has enormous buying power. She is recognized for her keen listening skills, attention to detail and is known for providing the highest level of service to those seeking luxury, exclusive, and creative travel. She has handpicked eager, educated individuals who want the same personal relationships with their customers. Providing 24-hour service to the most discerning clients along with her clout in the industry is what sets her team apart from the order taking world. We call that the “human factor”. Michelle is proud of the lasting relationships she and her clients develop and of their enthusiastic referrals to others locally and around the world.

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