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Myra Orkin
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Myra Orkin Scottsdale, AZ Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International Scottsdale
Cuba, Morocco, Greece, Hawaii, Africa
Arts & Culture, Photography, Private Escorted Tours, Luxury Hotels, River Cruises

Myra Orkin

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent
Luxury Travel Agent

My travel philosophy is that if you’re a people person, you’ll find any place you visit interesting. I also believe a key factor in turning a client’s ordinary vacation into an unforgettable experience is being able to offer them those special excursions they weren't even aware existed.

For example, in Paris, I booked a cooking class for a grandmother and granddaughter. They met the chef, shopped in the local market, then went back to the kitchen to cook and have a great meal.

For a couple wanting to get married in Africa, I arranged with the hotel for the groom, to be dressed in white, arrive by boat as the bride waited on the beach. The hotel staff was their attendants, and the General Manager gave her away. Their official marriage took place in the US as I was concerned about the legality of an African wedding for US citizens.

My packing strategy is to put everything in your suitcase and then take half out. You still probably won’t wear it all, and besides, you need to save room for souvenirs. I always try to bring home an interesting piece of jewelry from my journeys.

I have married children and enjoy going on multi-generational trips with them. I’m involved with the INFOCUS group at the Phoenix Museum of Art and recently took a group of photographers from the museum to Cuba and Morocco.

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