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Loretta Carson

New York, New York Travel Agent

Experienced Luxury Travel Agent

Being a travel agent gives me the chance to help people envision their dream trips and then work through and staying on top of all the details to provide the perfect journey. I often suggest incorporating soft adventures and private guides because they can add unique aspects to a trip. One of the most memorable things I’ve done was climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. It’s a bit scary, but they strap you in so it’s safe, and it is absolutely exhilarating. Many of my clients have opted to do this, and they always thank me for suggesting it.

Being detail oriented is essential to having a trip go smoothly, and I have a passion for order and attention to detail. One of my clients explained it this way after a recent trip to Greece: “The beauty of what you do is make all the parts of a trip fit together in the most perfect way.” She said the trip was thrilling with hikes to ancient sites and yachting outings to remote beaches, yet relaxing because she knew that everything was arranged, including great guides, great hotels, and zero hassles. 

Zero hassle is my goal, but in the rare cases when something is out of my control, I am there to pull strings and set you back on course. When flights were being grounded across Europe by fallout from the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010, my co-worker and I worked all weekend to get everyone where they needed to be—often via creative routings that bypassed affected airports. 

As a Protravel agent, I have priority access to airline desks. My clients also enjoy added value benefits at top hotels around the world such as free breakfasts, upgraded rooms, late checkout, and other complimentary amenities. My clients also appreciate my follow through. When a client calls and says, I’m thinking of going to Riviera Maya or Japan, and I promise to get them information by a certain time, they know I will.

In my years as a travel agent, I’ve been fortunate to make amazing connections, and I enjoy using them to help my clients. I’ve done everything from locating a top Maxillofacial surgeon for a Greek child to arranging for someone to spread a parent’s ashes at a special site.  

Most of all, I love using my knowledge and experience to craft your perfect getaway. The internet has too much information with no reliable filter. I cut through all that and find hotels and activities that are right for you. I make sure you know the best times to visit and that you go armed with the information you need and want. People need a professional financial planner to keep their investments on track. The same is true when dealing with airlines, hotels, and tours. As a professional vacation planner, I can help you navigate the vast world of travel. 

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Gold Star personal services

Reviewed By Specialkls - New York, NY | Traveled to Scotland ~ Europe
Loretta is, hands down, the best travel provider I have ever worked with and I have used agents for both business and personal travel. I say “provider” because her service is greater than just booking travel and accommodations. She takes the time to really understand what you want from your travel experience. My husband and I have never been disappointed with our trips or Loretta’s suggestions; whether it be our anniversary vacation, an adventure excursion or just a quick detox weekend. She is a pro and we won’t plan a trip without her! Her personal touch is definitely a value added commodity in our busy, nonstop lives. Loretta is the best!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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“ Our experiences with Loretta “

Reviewed By Mark - New York | Traveled to Japan ~ East and Southeast Asia
Loretta is very hard working travel agent , who has either actually visited the vacation destination or finds a local expert who knows everything about the desired area. She is an advocate for her clients , tells it the way it is and never oversells a product. When using the services of Loretta, we know we are in good, capable hands of a seasoned professional.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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