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Corkie Van Zak

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury River and Ocean Cruising

It's important to know what type of cruise vacation fits your lifestyle. Higher end cruise lines offer a more refined experience. They are generally smaller, so you will not be waiting on lines for meals and activities. They often visit smaller ports and the food and service are of a much higher quality. Generally, the focus is more on the destinations, with expert guest lecturers providing fascinating, in-depth talks about the ports of call. The pricing on these ships tends to be higher, but far more inclusive; often exclusive, immersive shore experiences and even airfare are packaged into their rates. 

Itineraries are also important. Cruises can take you places that would otherwise be impossible to visit. As a cruise specialist, I can walk you through the myriad decisions of cruising, from the level of cabin or suite you want and its location on the ship to making dinner reservations and planning what you want to do in each port. In many destinations, I can suggest private shore excursions, giving you the freedom to go at your own pace and follow your interests. It also feels far more personal than touring with a group of 20 to 40. Plus, if you are traveling with another couple or your family, it can even be less expensive than a group excursion.  

River ships tend to provide a more all-inclusive experience and increasingly, cater to different types of travelers. You might choose from biking, hiking, slow-walking and late-riser excursions. However, in recent years, water levels have made some rivers impassable at times, so I look for lines that provide top service and reliability in these circumstances.

In addition to helping you make the choices that are best for you, I have access to special offers, value-added amenities and sometimes, cabin upgrades. Cruising offers amazing experiences, from sipping a cocktail in your bathing suit as your ship floats down the Danube past ancient castles, to watching glaciers calve and whales breach in Alaska.      

Are you ready to cruise? I would love to help you make your cruise the best it can be.

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