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Cynthia Czarnik

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Luxury Ocean Cruising

Many first-time clients are often surprised to learn that for almost the same cost of sailing on a mega-ship, they can sail on a truly luxurious ocean liner. That is because the luxury lines offer far more inclusive pricing. This becomes apparent if you do a side-by-side comparison. In fact, once you add in drinks, excursions, transfers and other extras, the prices can be comparable and yet, the experience is much more upscale.  

For first time cruisers, the most important thing I do is to guide them to the right experience. To do that, I have to look at much more than where you want to cruise. I need to understand your dreams and what the trip will mean to you.

For example, two ladies wanted to celebrate their 75th birthdays together on a cruise. They asked about one of the mass-market ships going to Alaska and told me that they had saved for this trip for a long time and it was going to be the most important trip they would ever take.  

After speaking with them, I realized that they did not need the tremendous array of dining, activity and entertainment choices of a mega-ship. In fact, they probably would not enjoy waiting in line for almost everything you do, and the long distances they would need to walk to get around the ship. Plus, they would feel much more in tune with the rhythm of life on a small luxury ship. 

Knowing which luxury lines were having sales, I found that I could get them a luxury cruise on a Silversea ship for just a bit more money than they would have spent on a mass-market, mega-ship. On Silversea, they had a butler, the crew knew their names, and they were thrilled. 

Similarly, I just booked a 96-year-old and his wife on a Crystal Cruise. They had been frequent cruisers on a mass-market cruise line but were planning to take an east coast cruise with friends. I saw that Crystal was having a great sale and suggested they try it. They loved it and now will not go back to mass-market lines.

 Most of my clients are repeat cruisers. Often they know where they want to go and I help them get the best value and the best ship for their interests. I know all the luxury ships intimately, where the cabins are and the types of travelers they cater to. 

I also know most of the ports you will be visiting intimately and can plan individualized itineraries for each port and pre- and post-cruise stays to maximize your experience. 

Whether you are planning your first cruise or your 50th, I can provide value-added extras and help you take advantage of limited-time promotions, and help you select the cruise line, itinerary, cabin and excursions that best suit your interests.

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