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Shelly Baron

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Beaches & Adventure in the Caribbean and Mexico

Most people head to the Caribbean and Mexico to relax, enjoy the beach, and maybe do an adventure or a little sightseeing. That makes sense, especially if you’re at one of the premium five-star resorts. Everyone comes back rested and happy from those vacations.

On the other hand, often doing a unique activity, such as swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas turns into the highlight and most treasured memory of a trip. Most beach destinations have a choice of extraordinary experiences if you know where to look. In St. Lucia, you might take an eco-tour with a knowledgeable guide who will pluck leaves from edible and medicinal plants for you to taste, point out rare indigenous birds, and talk about local traditions. On Grenada, you might hike through spice scented nutmeg forest to a waterfall-fed pool for a swim. And in Jamaica, you might ride a bamboo raft down a river past small villages. 

Mexico has a different set of unforgettable adventures. Just off the coast of Cancun is an underwater museum with coral-encrusted sculptures that create a reef-like environment, drawing colorful fish and other sea creatures. Just down the coast, you can bicycle through Maya ruins that are still being unearthed at Coba. And on the Pacific coast, you can zip around towering sand dunes on ATVs. 

For those who want a complete retreat from the world, there are wonderful hideaways. Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, owned by Sir Richard Branson, can be a great choice for a family or friend group getaway. It can accommodate about 22 people at a time, and except on specific dates, you need to book the whole island to stay there. 

Eleuthera, one of the less populated islands of the Bahamas, has a gorgeous resort, The Cove. It has just 57 rooms and is very private and quiet. The beach is beautiful, and the resort is great for a discerning upscale couple who want to relax, enjoy water sports and bike around the island. You can dine on super-fresh seafood, including lobsters and conch from the resort’s pens, and the catch you bring back from fishing expeditions either with Hawaiian style slings or by reeling them in on traditional lines.

You can step into France on an island like St. Barts, where English is widely spoken, but the food and ambiance are fully French, while Anguilla and the Turks & Caicos have a choice of wonderful upscale villas and retreats, many with world-class spas. Among my favorites is The Palms, Turks and Caicos. It is intimate and located in the best part of the island for swimming and snorkeling. Plus, you can walk to restaurants and nightlife. 

For some families, a villa in a resort complex is a great choice. I always suggest you book them with a butler, cook, and nanny so there are no chores, and with the resort at your doorstep, everyone can find things they enjoy doing. Tryall Club, Jamaica is one of my favorites for this type of getaway. 

One thing I look for in all the hotels and resorts I recommend is a staff that can’t do enough for you. When their goal is to make you comfortable and happy, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation.


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Luxury travel guidance for 10 years!

Reviewed By Suse - New Jersey | Traveled to Greece ~ Europe
I have worked with Shelly for almost 10 years as my travel advisor. She has planned multi-generational family vacations, couples getaways, mother/daughter retreats, anniversary celebrations, and adventure trips. Each and every experience was well planned and executed. The planning/brainstorming process, itineraries, accommodations, and recommendations have been beyond extraordinary. Shelly's guidance has been a valuable resource, especially for a person like me, who likes to 'do it myself.' Her knowledge, experience, direction, professionalism and kindness is much admired and greatly appreciated!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Let Me Count [Some of} the Ways . . .

Reviewed By Don't have one - New York City, NY | Traveled to Paris ~ France ~ Europe
Among Shelly Baron's sterling qualities as a travel agent that I value highly are;
Her immediate availability and getting back to me promptly
Her interest and effort in finding what will suit ME (and my purse)
Her first-hand experience of places and her frankness about offering other recommendations/suggestions
Her good will (reciprocated) with her overseas professional connections
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Amazing Travels by an Amazing Agent

Reviewed By Barry G - Fort Mill, South Carlonia | Traveled to Baltic Sea ~ At Sea ~ At Sea
Shelly is beyond an amazing agent. She has done multiple trips for me. First to the Amalfi Coast, then to the Baltic via Azamara Cruise line and most recently to an upcoming trip to Portugal. The accommodation arranged have been spectacular! She has exceeded all my aspirations for my trips and reviewing her latest itinerary for Portugal, I cannot wait to experience it.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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