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Corporate, Leisure, & Entertainment Travel
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Dottie Simione Fairfield, NJ Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International NJ
USA, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Worldwide
Business Travel, International Business Travel Specialist, Meetings & Incentives, Groups, Entertainment Travel

Dottie Simione

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent
Corporate, Leisure, & Entertainment Travel

I was a musical performer and not at all shy, so when my friend opened a small travel agency, she thought I’d be perfect to help her sell her services to local businesses. That was in 1982. Working for her, I discovered I truly loved working in the travel industry, but she was a one-woman operation, so after a few years, I moved to a larger agency and honed my skills as a corporate travel and meeting planning expert as well as a specialist in VIP celebrity, leisure and entertainment travel.

In 1992, someone suggested I look into Protravel International, and I decided to make the switch. Protravel was, and is, very service oriented and its connection with Virtuoso offers many benefits for my corporate and celebrity clients and high end leisure travelers I serve. These range from upgrades and complimentary VIP amenities at hotels to special rates on front-of-plane travel and strong connections with the airlines. 

Going above and beyond expectations is what I love to do. Celebrities think it’s because they’re famous, but it’s what I do for all my clients. My clients have access 24/7.  Most don’t use it, but if they need an answer within 30 minutes, I’ll reply.  It’s good for me and for them, and earns me a lot of referrals. As one client says: “Dottie is the only person to call if you need to travel, especially if it’s anything unusual, special, or last-minute.”

Some people go to work every day and know exactly what kind of day it will be. In this business, every day brings a new challenge, it never is routine, and I love it!

Whether you need to make arrangements for a last-minute business trip, a film- or sound crew that needs to be on location ASAP, or a specific kind of food and wine that you’d like in hotel room when you arrive, I can make it happen. 

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