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Sue Brown

Boca Raton, Florida Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I have been in the travel industry for many years. I started in New York booking top executives in the financial and entertainment fields. For one of their meetings, they had taken over the Beverly Hills Hotel and I had to meet the General Manager, at the time Hollis Polodna, to reconfirm their arrangements. We worked together for years and shared a passion for hotels and travel. Hollis moved to the East Coast and we got married! We then moved to South Florida and started Sue Brown Travel. In 2009, we joined Protravel International to make us even bigger and stronger. 

I've travelled all over the world, and continue to travel and visit new and exciting destinations. My team & I work very hard to customize your itinerary to ensure a great trip. I enjoy sending my clients to a great destination, stay in the best room in a wonderful hotel, and dine in the best restaurant.              

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