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Corporate Travel, Meetings, and Retreats
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Andras Revesz New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International Corporate HQ
Europe, USA, South America, Caribbean
International Business Travel Specialist, Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Corporate Retreats, Corporate Travel, Business Class Air

Andras Revesz

New York, New York Travel Agent
Corporate Travel, Meetings, and Retreats

As a corporate travel agent, my mission is to use my travel expertise to contribute to the growth and profitability of your business and maximize the comfort and effectiveness of your travelers. I am the point person and provide support for each traveler throughout their trips so they can remain focused on their business goals.

I often shine when the industry is at its worst. For example, airlines and online travel booking engines often fall short when it comes to suggesting the best routings or keeping travelers advised of flight delays, and they are even worse at helping passengers get re-booked when there are cancellations. Nor are they adept at adjusting to the last-minute changes that are a fact of life in business travel.

I know which airports to avoid for connections because they are prone to delay, and which airports offer great dining. Plus, when I book your travel, I monitor your flights so that you will never have to wait on line to rebook in case of weather cancellations; I’ll have you on your way, and make sure that your airport transfers and hotels are notified of any changes as well. And once we have worked together, I’ll know that you always need to be home in time for your child’s soccer games and whether you prefer a window or aisle seat on your flights.

My two decades as a corporate travel agent have taught me creative ways to maximize travelers’ comfort while adhering to their company’s travel policies. In some cases, buying refundable full-fare tickets saves money while allowing me to provide an upgrade to business class at no added cost. My deep understanding of fares often enables me to find money-saving ways to route a trip. Plus, Protravel’s strong connections with most major airlines often provide access to proprietary rates that can save thousands of dollars and tremendous leverage in clearing waitlists and other benefits.

My expertise also helps in selecting the right hotels for your business needs and personal preferences. I can prioritize hotels with a swimming pool or specific gym equipment so you can stick to your fitness regime, and select a hotel that is well situated for your business meetings. In addition, my clients receive VIP treatment and complimentary amenities thanks to my Virtuoso and Protravel affiliation.

With years of experience in arranging meetings, conferences, and corporate retreats, I can handle the negotiations and contracts as well as ensure that all the boxes are checked. My attention to detail also equips me to handle some very sensitive and specialized clients, including a security firm that travels with specially trained dogs. Their arrangements are very involved because each airline handles dogs differently.

Whether you are a looking for someone to handle the travel for a film crew in Europe, an around-the-world itinerary for a marketing team, or individual business travelers, my goal is to ensure your team travels in the most comfortable and cost-effective way possible. 


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