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Adventure and Immersive Travel
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Jesse Katz Beverly Hills, CA Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International Beverly Hills
Greece, Morocco, Worldwide, Rome, Australia
Premier Concierge Services, Small Ship Cruises, Luxury Travel, UNESCO World Heritage Sites , Villas
Certificates & Awards
T&L Rising Star 2019 , Virtuoso Rising Star Nominee 2019, Masters Degree, NYU’S Tisch Center for Hospitality, and Tourism

Jesse Katz

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent
Adventure and Immersive Travel

Adventure travel is one of my passions and when I recommend a high-end adventure or arrange an immersive experience, I usually have first-hand knowledge of the destination and a personal relationship with the provider. That is important because small nuances can make a big difference. I look for vendors who both reliable and a good match for your particular interests. Often, that means being able to provide unique access to experiences and activities beyond what you might dream possible.

Many of my clients are interested in meeting locals and taking a deep dive into the culture and history of a place, so I am always on the lookout for special ways to enhance their trips. On my own travels, I enjoy making personal connections with locals and love sharing them with like-minded clients.

For example, a highlight of my trip to Morocco was something I now often offer to arrange for many clients—lunch at the home of a U.K. ex-pat in Fes. It is amazing because she lives in the middle of the Medina. Her doorway looks like every other, but then it slides open and you are in a lovely private home, and she cooks lunch on her rooftop overlooking the city. 

Often, the personal relationships I develop can get my clients into venues that are generally closed to tourists. In Rome, for example, I can arrange for an expert guide to provide access to private areas of the Vatican and the Coliseum. I even surprised one client with last-minute tickets to a key match at Wimbledon.

In Greece, I often arrange yacht charters. This requires a lot of careful vetting. It is about much more than finding the right-size vessel and a reputable operator. The crew is an important part of the experience so I work hard to match the crew with your interests and the type of activities and experiences you are looking for. For example, some crews are great at entertaining young kids; others are better for foodies and might have a dedicated chef.

My adventurous clients often enjoy small-vessel cruises that go to Antarctica and other remote destinations. While there are many wonderful cruise lines, it is important to pick the right company, and the right ship within that company, for your individual travel style and interests. Some focus more on active travel and offer multiple Zodiac landings led by naturalists each day, while others put their emphasis on luxuries such as butler service and indulgent spas.  

If you’re out for adventure and looking for an expert to guide you to the right experience, I am here for you.

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Certificates & Awards

T&L Rising Star 2019
Virtuoso Rising Star Nominee 2019
Masters Degree, NYU’S Tisch Center for Hospitality
and Tourism