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Jesse Katz Beverly Hills, CA Luxury Travel Agent
Protravel International Beverly Hills
Tokyo, Germany, Paris, New York, Worldwide
Air Travel, Premier Concierge Services, Private Jet Charters, Luxury Travel, Private Guides & Drivers
Certificates & Awards
T&L Rising Star 2019 , Virtuoso Rising Star Nominee 2019, Masters Degree, NYU’S Tisch Center for Hospitality, and Tourism

Jesse Katz

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent
Air Travel Expert

Do you want to know which carrier provides the best first-class experience between New York and Paris?  Which airline would you choose for your next flight to Tokyo? I have always loved aviation. I have trained as a private pilot, and most importantly, I have flown in premium cabins on most international carriers.

I can tell you which airline has the best business or first class on which route and why. For example, United Airlines Polaris Class, their business class, is wonderful, but it is not consistent across their fleet. So on some routes, United is the right airline. On others, it might be Delta.

Sometimes, even on the same route, an airline might offer different levels of comfort. The Air France flight from Los Angeles to Paris is a case in point. Air France generally uses two different types of equipment, the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 777. When possible, I advise my clients to choose a flight using the Boeing equipment because it is more comfortable. The Airbus 380 business class seat is not a true lie-flat seat; the Boeing 777 is. And in first class, the Boeing 777 is much more comfortable than the Airbus. While airlines do have the right to substitute equipment, the A380 carries over 30% more passengers, so they usually do not.

As an airline geek, I also know which the best connecting airports and how much time to allow for a connection. In Vienna, you could have a 45-minute connection; this could never happen in London’s Heathrow. In Germany, Lufthansa connects ongoing flights through Munich, a relatively small airport, and Frankfurt, which requires a long walk between terminals.  

Finally, as a Protravel International travel advisor, I can provide access to specially negotiated pricing that often means savings upwards of 40% on business and first-class upgrades. 

I also handle a lot of private jet charters and recognize that no two aircraft are created equal. I have connections to the best brokers in the industry who offer the newest and best aircraft. Plus, from a cost perspective, they are very competitively priced. In addition, the brokers I use will back you up if a plane that has been chartered has an issue. Many companies say they will do this, but often, if there is a mechanical issue or a flight needs rerouting, they leave you in the lurch.

Where are you flying next?

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Certificates & Awards

T&L Rising Star 2019
Virtuoso Rising Star Nominee 2019
Masters Degree, NYU’S Tisch Center for Hospitality
and Tourism