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Global Business Travel Advisor
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Simone Woodyear McElroy New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
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Tzell Travel Group
USA, New York, Sao Paulo, London, South America
Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Business Travel, International Business Travel Specialist, Meetings & Incentives, Sustainable Travel

Simone Woodyear McElroy

New York, New York Travel Agent
Global Business Travel Advisor

Global Business Travel For Creative Entrepreneurs 

Many creative entrepreneurs combine work with pleasure during global business travel excursions. The line between the two is beautifully blurred for innovative thinkers with busy schedules. Luxury Travel Advisor Simone Woodyear McElroy exceeds the expectations of executives with complex travel needs.

From New York City to London, from San Paulo to Paris, Simone is intimately familiar the hottest spots around the globe. Simone is the President of BlueOrange Travel, an affiliate of Tzell Travel Group. She has over 20 years of experience delivering the best solutions to VIP corporate and luxury travelers worldwide.

This consummate professional skillfully streamlines the way travel is planned and executed for her clients. Simone and her team excel at sophisticated planning and execution. As a result, she is renowned as the 'miracle worker' in coordinating impossible logistics. As a respected luxury travel agent, she specializes in worldwide business travel with a unique twist. Simone and her team revel in creating fun and unique business travel itineraries for the creative industry. Her clients include people who work in technology, production, and not-for-profit companies.

Often her high-profile clients appear on the top of Forbes’ lists. Simone understands that “Travelers like to see hip and trendy places, and they like the amenities that go with the business travel.”

With her diverse background and experience, Simone has built a foundation of being able to respond to the different needs of the creative industry. She shares, “I have a lot of experience booking travel in this creative field.” Her career started with a focus on the fashion and publishing industries, including plenty of photo shoots and cocktail parties.

One of Simone's hobbies is playing percussion instruments in a band; giving her an informal inside look at the music industry. Simone and her team cater to business travelers who are not the typical corporate travelers.

As she seeks the most appealing travel options, Simone also keeps corporate culture in mind to observe the ethical needs and travel policies of all types of companies.

She enjoys scouting out boutique hotels and unusual design elements at different destinations, and up-and-coming neighborhoods in cosmopolitan cities worldwide. 

Attention to detail and customized itineraries make Simone the ultimate resource for creative corporate travelers with a flair for the unusual. From sophisticated lodging to enticing entertainment, there is never a dull moment during global business travel excursions planned by Simone and her talented team.

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