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Simone Woodyear McElroy

New York, New York Travel Agent

VIP Travel Expert

With over two decades in travel, music, fashion, and publishing, Simone Woodyear McElroy recognizes the many faces of VIP corporate and executive travel. From non-profit executives to tech gurus and musicians, Simone understands no two situations are the same in the entertainment travel industry. Her innovative approach to business travel and her fine eye for detail make Simone the ultimate travel resource for jet-setters, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers around the globe. 

For Simone, “Entertainment travel is never boring. There is never a dull moment. There are many moving parts of which you have to keep track.” It gives her a thrill each time she uses the skills she has acquired over the year to create a unique experience for her high-profile clients. They know they are in good hands and will enjoy tony places, exclsuive VIP amenities and posh accommodations in the trendiest cities worldwide. 

While not on a professional level, Simone plays percussion instruments. Through her experiences and her musician friends, she gets an inside peek at the behind-the-scenes world of the music industry. Because of her personal experience in the entertainment industry, Simone shares, “I love music and musicians. And I have gained an understanding of the needs of entertainment businesses and what their travel entails.” 

From music tours to maintaining the corporate integrity of non-profit businesses, Simone is a leader in the VIP travel scene. Her savvy travel ideas and ability book almost any arrangements make her one of the most respected travel advisors in the entertainment travel industry. 

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