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Shawn Moody New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Venice, London, Chicago, Paris, Texas
Business Travel, Business Class Air, Corporate Travel, Entertainment Travel, Private Guides & Drivers

Shawn Moody

New York, New York Travel Agent
Entertainment Corporate Travel

My commitment to excellence is largely due in part to the fact that I had several mentors who provided me with insight and with opportunities to learn and grow as I worked my way up in the travel industry. In particular, I admired the head of our organization, who was known for her high standards and her strict standards for how important clients were to be treated. Under her leadership, I grew to become a diligent and passionate travel agent who works exclusively with VIP clients.

As a travel agent specializing in corporate travel for premier entertainment clients, I have to consider logistics that typical retail travel agents do not have to worry about. My priorities as a travel agent include:

  • Keeping my clients safe and secure while abroad. The privacy of high-profile clients is a top priority of mine. I use discretion when booking my clients' travel arrangements, and I work with qualified vendors who will respect their privacy as well.
  • Ensuring my clients only stay in premier, luxury properties. I have developed working relationships with the best hotels, resorts and transportation services in the industry. This gives me insider access to the best properties around the world and exclusive VIP amenities for my clients.
  • Working with the most prestigious vendors to ensure my travelers get the best treatment while away. I can trust that my clients will be cared for while they are abroad in a way which makes them feel valued and respected.

My clients are often on their way to cosmopolitan cities, such as Venice, London, New York, Chicago and Paris. I strive to provide them with a respite from their daily lives while they are away, while also giving them opportunities to immerse themselves in the city in the way in which they have become accustomed. 

Celebrity clients have needs and expectations that other travelers do not, and not every travel agent can rise to the occasion. I have the training and experience needed to treat these travelers with the level of service that they need. Contact me today to begin planning your premier corporate travel experience.

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