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My Travel Agent Life
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Shawn Moody New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Worldwide, USA, Europe, Middle East, Mexico
Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Premier Concierge Services, Air Travel, Beach Vacations, Luxury Travel

Shawn Moody

New York, New York Travel Agent
My Travel Agent Life

I’ve been dedicated to the world of travel since before I graduated high school, when I started an internship with a local travel agency. Since then, I’ve spent the last two decades working my way up; first in the mail room and finally upward to my current role as an experienced travel agent.  

I truly enjoy helping my clients find the best destination for their next vacation or the perfect place to stay during their corporate travels. When I’m not assisting my clients, I like to help my coworkers complete their necessary tasks throughout the day. After all, working at a company that specializes in handling celebrity VIP clients means that our staff has to have all hands on deck all of the time. Handling these clients is sensitive due to the privacy involved and our dedication to ensuring the media isn’t aware of their travels can be very time-consuming for us—but I wouldn’t change a thing! I find my job very satisfying, both because I can make the impossible possible, and because I get to see the smiles on my clients’ faces when they retell their latest adventures. 

I also make sure to always be up-to-date with both technology and the latest weather information, because there are many factors that can really make or break a client’s trip if I’m not on my toes. I make sure to monitor for unforeseen airport closures or traffic delays so I can be proactive and ensure my clients are completely satisfied. If you want to work with an agent who goes above and beyond to ensure your trip goes smoothly, call me today. I look forward to helping make your next trip a phenomenal success. 

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