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Barbara Zudeck

Cambridge, Massachusetts Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

Allow me to be your personal assistant for corporate travel.

Thirty years ago, my clients didn’t have the option to “do it themselves” online.  But, even in today’s tech savvy environment, the human factor is still superior.  Airline websites can be clunky and time consuming and don’t always offer the best deal.  They won’t tell you if there’s a better city to connect in or proactively offer alternatives when bad weather is forecast.

I enjoy problem solving, trouble shooting and helping people.  I value my personal relationships with my clients above all else and some of those relationships go back over 20 years.  I still love it when I receive that call from the airport that a flight is cancelled and I’m able to grab the last seat on another plane, as the long line is forming at the ticket counter.  It’s gratifying when you know that you have truly made someone’s day.


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Client Testimonials

Professionalism at its finest

It’s a pleasure to be able to write this testimonial for Barbara Zudeck of The Travel Collaborative, after all she’s done for me. Barbara has been a trusted partner for the past 25 years—first when I was CEO of a consulting firm in Cambridge and later when I set up my own consulting business. Over the years, Barbara has handled 100s of complex, high-stakes trips for me and my colleagues and during all that time I can never recall a single snafu. Most of the trips entail a host of nuanced details that I could not imagine entrusting to someone else. I cannot tell you the number of tight corners she’s bailed me out of; the number of times she’s worked magic in getting me home from places I was stuck; the number of little things she thinks of that even I forget in my own behalf. One more thing: over the years, Barbara has evolved from professional travel agent to trusted friend—someone I genuinely look forward to talking with, knowing my travel plans will be handled impeccably.

Provided by Thomas J. Rice, Founder and CEO T.J. Rice & Assoc.

Spectacular Service

The Travel Collaborative has been a real partner in helping me and my colleagues navigate all the challenges of modern air travel for business. In my work as a leadership trainer it is imperative that we arrive on time and in good spirits. Barbara and the team help us with ordinary travel by finding best flights, best prices, and even best seats, and with the extraordinary –delays, weather events – by giving us a plan B when needed. They are always efficient, friendly, and easy to work with.

Provided by Rob Hartz