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Donna McGovern

New York, New York Travel Agent

Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel Agent

With more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, I thrive when it comes to creating unique travel plans for my clients. Originally, I worked in the leisure travel field before transitioning to the corporate luxury travel sector. Now, I enjoy planning travel experiences for corporate luxury clients as well as vacationers embarking on women’s empowerment travel. Contact me today if you’re ready to put your travel ideas in motion.

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Travel Specialties

Women's Empowerment Travel

Women's Empowerment Travel

Decades ago, women were told that they should not — or even could not — travel alone. It was advised that women keep men close by when they were abroad, as the world was deemed unsafe for women to maneuver on ... Read more from my Women's Empowerment Travel bio.

Corporate Luxury Travel Bio

Corporate Luxury Travel Bio

During the first decade of my career as a travel agent, I focused exclusively on leisure travel. By happenstance, I stumbled upon the world of corporate travel, which was a vast expanse of opportunity that I never knew existed. I was ... Read more from my Corporate Luxury Travel Bio bio.

My Travel Agent Life

My Travel Agent Life

Like many others in the industry, I didn’t plan on becoming a travel agent. However, as I found myself more drawn to the idea of travel after I took an assistant’s job in a travel agency while taking a break from ... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

Exploring Turkey

As an experienced travel agent, I still find time throughout my hectic schedule to experience traveling the world! Being a travel agent has only whetted my appetite for travel, and I use every opportunity as a chance to get ideas for my clients’ future journeys.

One of my favorite travel experiences was ...Read more from my Exploring Turkey story.