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Corporate Luxury Travel Bio
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Donna McGovern New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
South America, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida
Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Groups, Global Travel, Independent Travel

Donna McGovern

New York, New York Travel Agent
Corporate Luxury Travel Bio

During the first decade of my career as a travel agent, I focused exclusively on leisure travel. By happenstance, I stumbled upon the world of corporate travel, which was a vast expanse of opportunity that I never knew existed. I was amazed to find out that major corporations like Gap and Starbucks had their own corporate travel management firms, and I found that this niche suited me well.

I have booked corporate clients on trips to destinations around the globe, but I most often book corporate travel to:

  • Los Angeles — Los Angeles is a hot destination for corporate travelers, as there are many major corporations located in the city. In addition, it's a popular location for conferences and training seminars.    
  • San Francisco — San Francisco is a city that corporate travelers visit frequently, due to the high number of companies and organizations that are based there. I make sure that my clients are booked at premier hotels that are in close proximity to their meetings and commitments.
  • Miami — Miami is a favorite among corporate travelers, as this is the ideal place to get business done while still having a good time.

I also have experience booking international corporate travel, and frequently book trips to South America. My clients appreciate the fact that I go above and beyond to ensure that their trip is both comfortable and efficient. I find luxe accommodations and secure transportation to ensure that they are on time for every meeting and seminar that is on their itinerary. I leverage the resources at my disposal to make sure that they can get the job done, and even enjoy themselves along the way.

It is my privilege to work with corporate clients who have to travel frequently for work. I look forward to meeting you, and to helping you with all of your travel needs. Contact me today for more information.

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