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Savitri Weerackody
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Savitri Weerackody Fairfield, NJ Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell NJ
Africa, Italy, Greece, Peru, East and Southeast Asia
Family Vacations, Independent Travel, Groups, River Cruises, Safari

Savitri Weerackody

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent
Family & Personal Travel Specialist

With over 30 years of industry experience, let me help you make your travel dreams become a reality! I specialize in both family and personal travel, and can organize anything from safaris, to river cruises, or an adventurous mountain escape. The sky is the limit! Have you considered small boats on a meandering river steeped with history and spectacular beauty while feasting on the aromatic cuisine of the region? How about waking up to the sound of lions roaring in the distance while camping on the plains surrounding the majestic snow-capped Kilimanjaro mountain? Or getting serenaded by violins and deep-voiced tenors at a table while seated in the cobblestone square of an ancient Roman village along the Amalfi Cost. You’ve dreamed of Machu Picchu, you’ve seen the dramatic coastline of Cape Town, and you’ve imagined scuba diving in the depths the Great Barrier Reef. Let your imagination soar, I am here to make it all happen effortlessly and seamlessly!

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