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Tufael Ahad
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Tufael Ahad Stafford, UK Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell UK
USA, East and Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand
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Tufael Ahad

Stafford, UK Travel Agent
Specialists in Travel for Influential People
Brooklyn Bridge...photo taken by yours truly!
Brooklyn Bridge...photo taken by yours truly!

Hello everyone. My name is Tufael Ahad, and it's a real pleasure to introduce our business to you. Thanks so much for stopping by our company profile, and I hope that after reading this bio, you may have the urge to get in contact with us and experience just how much we can help you!

I have been working in the Travel Industry since 2005, whether that be in the leisure or corporate industries. The wonderful thing about this industry is that regardless of whether i'm talking to someone who wants to book their family on a once in a lifetime trip to the other side of the world, or if i'm discussing the itinerary requirements for a company CEO, I am talking about my no.1 passion...TRAVEL! It's an urge that never seems to be fulfilled! At the age of 10, I travelled to London's Heathrow Airport to fly to Bangladesh with my family. I remember seeing all these exotic people from all over the world. I saw aircraft after aircraft, arriving from all 4 corners of the globe. It was the first time I realised that life didn't begin and end in my home town and from that moment on I knew that travel in some shape or form would be my life.

Sadly in 2020, due to the upheaval caused by Covid-19, I was made redundant, so I decided to study some courses in Graphic Design, Video Editing and Illustration in an effort to retrain for a new career. Also at that moment, I reconnected with a family friend, Mr. Bobie Rahman, whose father was one of my fathers closest friends from back in the 60s after he first arrived in this country from Bangladesh. Bobie also happened to work as a Freelance Producer for the BBC, so various discussions took place, and we decided to combine our talents, passion and experience, and create Influencers Travel, an invite only luxury travel club, specialising in travel for Social Media Influencers, Content Creators, the Television and Film Industries, and essentially anyone who is considered to be influential within society. Our way of working is by engaging with a relatively small group of clients, and provide the very best service possible, with more personal attention...the "Jerry Maguire" approach if you will! I have almost 20 years of experience of working with some of the worlds most prestigious clients, so rest assured, I can deliver exactly what you require.

We very much specialise in Private Client work, priding ourselves in our levels of discretion and privacy. If there's somewhere in the world you need, or want to be, we can get you there, in comfort, style and luxury, at incredibly reasonable rates. We're small. We work with a small number of clients, so our overheads are low, therefore, we can offer you some of the best rates currently available on the market. After you've arrived, again, we can accommodate you in some of the worlds most luxurious and exclusive hotels, residences and villas. We're not ashamed to toot our own horn here! We have access to some of the most memorable properties on earth. The type of properties that could fill an entire Instagram page with exclusive images and video clips!

Furthermore, through our sister companies, Studio Vega Myst Agency, and Studio Vega Myst Productions, we can also assist you in any content creation ideas and projects you may have, whether that be for your social media profiles, your family albums and home videos, or even if you need some corporate videos created for your company, our talents and expertise in video and still image production, content creation and editing, in addition to our contacts within the industry, means that we can offer you the very best in cutting edge experience and creativity, using the very latest industry trends and standards.

We also specialise in obtaining tickets to exclusive sporting and cultural events. So, if you need tickets to the Wimbledon Men's or Women's Singles Finals, because you need to film/photograph some content for your social media channels, or as a company CEO, you wish to host a corporate event, or entertain possible clients, then give us a holler! We may just be able to get our hands on those tickets that are a little hard to come by for mere mortals!

So, that's our bio finished! On behalf of Bobie and I, may I extend our warmest greetings to you all, and wherever you may be in the world, we look forward to hearing from you, and we very much look forward to working with you!

Stay Safe!

Warmest Regards

Tufael and Bobie

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