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Andy Jalil

London, UK Travel Agent

Independent Contractor

I’ve taken the decision after working for other people in travel for just over 30 years, to take the plunge and become my own boss.  I am now the very proud owner of All Travel Solutions Limited and as the name of the business suggests, I’m capable of providing all travel solutions for my clients who require a premium travel management service for both their corporate and private travel needs.  This is an area of the industry, I’ve been specialising in since 2004. 

My career in travel started like most people in the industry, working for a traditional High Street Travel Agency, Lunn Poly in 1995.  It was a great way to learn the ropes and get a very good understanding of the leisure travel side of things.  After four years it was time to find out how the airline industry worked, so in 1998 I started working for US Airways on the group travel side, where I spent the next two years of my career.  I developed a really good knowledge of airfares and most importantly, how to get them cheaper, particularly in Business and First Class!  After two years there it was back to the travel agency world, but this time in business travel, I started at Carlson Wagonlit in the summer of 2000, where I stayed until 2004, until the VIP Team at Hillgate Travel came calling. 

This is where I discovered my natural home in the travel industry, I loved the challenges of managing travel on behalf of the Chairmen, CEO’s and MD’s of Hillgates’ top corporate clients, with all the demands and pressure that brought.  It was a role that I thrived in, meeting the expectations and meticulous demands of these clients and their equally demanding PA’s!  I considered it an honour to be entrusted with not only the corporate travel of these clients but their personal travel and holidays as well. 

I so enjoyed the role and was very well rewarded that I didn’t envisage doing anything else in my career.  Then came the pandemic, devastation to the travel industry, redundancy and what on earth am I going to do now!  I’d always harboured the idea of being my own boss and had considered the idea of becoming an I.C. before, but with a young family to consider the time was never right.  But now with the full backing of my wife and many of my former clients, who have assured me they wouldn’t use anyone else, here I am ready to go. 

If you require the same meticulous standards for your own travel either corporate or leisure, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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