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It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Solution
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Lori Zuckerman New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
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Lori Zuckerman

New York, New York Travel Agent
It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Solution

In addition to corporate travel, I also book leisure itineraries for my clients. If I do a good job booking a business trip, it will frequently lead to being asked to book a vacation for the same person, because you have won their trust. There is nothing more important to me, because when a client has confidence in me, they will say, 'Lori has proven herself over and over again; she always does the right thing' and trust me with all their travel needs.

If I book a vacation and the customer is pleased with it, that person will refer me to friends, and after a while I get to be like a doctor, racking up referral after referral. My clients stay with me when they have changes in their lives, because when they leave one company for another, they take me with them and continue to rely upon me. Part of that is making myself available so they can always reach me.

Whether it is a Passover dinner, a destination wedding, a family reunion in Hawaii or a Christmas vacation in the Maldives, leisure customers always remember the experience they had. There may be snags with luggage and other mishaps, but those fade while the memories of a beautiful trip remain. Mistakes will happen, but people remember the resolution, not what went wrong. They remember it was fixed, and they remember the time they spent with their loved ones.

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