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Lori Zuckerman New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean
Business Travel, Corporate Incentives, Corporate Retreats, Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel, Global Travel

Lori Zuckerman

New York, New York Travel Agent
My Travel Agent Life

I have spent more than a decade as a professional Travel Advisor, and it is only the second job I have had in my entire life. Prior to this, I was a recruiter; but after 10 years of that, I was burned out and I wanted a change.

Luckily for me, my mother was an agent at Tzell Travel Group, and she was getting more work than she could handle on her own. So she asked me to try it out for myself and see if I liked the job, since she knew I was looking for a change. I said yes, and I realized I was naturally inclined to do this work, which requires a high degree of organization and taps into my talent for coordinating logistics. It was not long before I realized I was doing the job I was always meant to do. 

Travel has been a consistent highlight in my life. I always enjoyed the trips I took with my family as I was growing up, and as I got older, my love only deepened and I learned to view boarding an airplane as an opportunity to experience and learn. Seeing new places is an education in and of itself, and I truly believe that by immersing yourself in another culture, you can understand the world around you in a much deeper way. I also believe travel is one of the best experiences you can pass along to your children.  

Much of my business comes from the financial services sector, but I also serve customers from the garment industry, consumer goods, the medical profession and beyond. I book more trips to certain parts of the world than others – Europe, Dubai, Asia and Hawaii are always in demand – but my clients’ needs are global.

This job requires me to wear several different hats. Knowing a customer well is non-negotiable, and I am always up to speed with his or her corporate policies, so all arrangements are made within the parameters of established procedures and budgets. I am a hands-on owner, I make things happen and I take responsibility for everything.

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