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Adventure Travel Agent
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John Gilmartin New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Europe, Africa, East and Southeast Asia, South America, USA
Adventure, Global Travel

John Gilmartin

New York, New York Travel Agent
Adventure Travel Agent

Do you love to explore on foot, bicycle or skis? Active adventure travel is one of the best ways to get in touch with the natural world around you. When the Army was searching its personnel for expert skiers to work in the recreational department in Europe, I was accepted and had the fortune to spend a year skiing in the Alps. Additionally, I was able to see some of the 1976 winter Olympics events hosted in Innsbruck, Austria. These are memories of Europe I will forever cherish.  

As a travel agent, I’ve planned extensive European trips for my clients, including a recent military history tour of World War I and World War II sites for a father and son. I’ve also gone on safari in the Serengeti of Kenya to take pictures of exotic wildlife in their natural habitat. Plus, I have spent time bicycling along the quaint and postcard-perfect streets, bridges and canals of Amsterdam.  

I’ve also continued my favorite adventure travel pastime of skiing, and have had the pleasure of schussing down the snowy mountainsides in Lake Tahoe, California, as well as in Utah and Colorado.  

Are you ready for adventure? Tell me what you like to do, and your dream destinations and I’ll happily get to work making your vacation dreams come true!

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