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Luxury European Honeymoon Destinations
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Laura Freeman New York, NY Luxury Travel Agent
Tzell Travel Group
Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia
Honeymoons, Couples & Romance, Adult Only

Laura Freeman

New York, New York Travel Agent
Luxury European Honeymoon Destinations

I love working with honeymoon clients because it is such a special and important trip for them, one they will remember for the rest of their lives. And I can make it even more special than any other trip they’ve taken.

A lot of people use their honeymoon as an opportunity to travel in a way they have never traveled before; I often have couples who have only been to the Caribbean and Mexico, but they are now going to travel to Europe for their honeymoon or clients who have been to Europe and want to go to Asia for the first time. I love being the travel agent who introduces them to this new world.

I am able to leverage my expertise in travel destinations as well as my extensive personal travels and the power of Tzell Travel Group to benefit my honeymoon clients.

I also believe that being a Millennial myself appeals to other Millennials who come to me for guidance. The typical first-time married couple is in their twenties or thirties, a demographic I understand very well. In fact, I was named one of the top “30 Under 30” Travel Agents in the world by Travel Agent Magazine

A lot of travelers want free time built into their itinerary. They do not want every minute scheduled, guided or escorted; they want to experience the city/area on our own. I give my clients the tools to do just that. I give them recommendations and the confidence to discover an area on their own. 

What are currently the most popular honeymoon destinations? The number one destination is always Italy, followed by France and Greece. This year, however, I have seen a change with more couples booking Southeast Asia, specifically Bali, and Thailand.

This is really interesting and exciting. In Europe, clients’ requests are expanding from the typical honeymoon destinations like the Amalfi Coast, French Riviera, and Mykonos and Santorini, to places like Croatia and Ireland, where honeymooners can do more than just sit on a beach.

If you are planning a honeymoon or just a special getaway, don’t hesitate to call me. I look forward to creating an itinerary to the perfect destinations that will fulfill your dreams and exceed your expectations.

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