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Rani Cheema

New York, New York Travel Agent

Foodie Travel Planner

I've always based my travels on what I want to eat rather than what I wanted to see. I've flown to Gaziantep Turkey for the a kebab, the best kebab. Totally worth it. Of course I built a trip and experiences around the region like visiting Hasankeyf, a 12,000 year old settlement on the Tigris River whose story is too epic and grand to fit here. 

I help travelers find the connection between cuisine and culture for uniquely immersive experiences in destinations all around the world but my favorites are South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Germany, India, Switzerland, Thailand, Greece, France, Mexico, and Italy.

Besides having been to 24+ countries and 131+ cities (I've lost count) and fully immersing myself into the local culture and food scene, I love reading magazines like Afar, Bon Appetit, Saveur , and Lucky Peach (RIP Lucky Peach). I enjoy watching an obscene amount of food travel shows on television and YouTube. Parts Unknown, Globe Trekker, and Chef's Table just to name a few. 

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