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Michael Shane Stephens

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

LGBT Family Travel

Enjoy Safe, Fun and Friendly LGBT Family Travel Booked by Michael Shane 

Michael Shane Stephens loves booking LGBT family travel because he’s able to share the beauty and excitement of traveling to new destinations with families seeking to feel secure on world-wide journeys. He knows that people in the LGBT community may not feel there are many options for traveling the globe. Especially LGBT community members who have families. They’re often hesitant to travel to new places because they’re not sure they’ll be accepted and treated with respect.

This commitment to helping the LGBT community discover the world safely and with freedom is what makes Michael Shane such a valued travel advisor with Protravel. Michael Shane dedicates himself to showing LGBT families our planet’s riches through curated vacations that include services from well-vetted travel suppliers, hotels and airlines. Each family who books travel with Michael Shane can be sure he has considered destinations, accommodations, activities and attractions that keep children in mind and even highlight kid-focused fun.

“It’s all about the family union and the children,” says Michael Shane. He takes his job as an LGBT family travel agent seriously. Along with ensuring all destinations are safe and suppliers are welcoming, he takes his duties one step further by seeking out travel partners who take an active role in the LGBT community. Contact Michael Shane to learn about the many travel suppliers who are training their staff on the sensitivities of the LGBT community and providing an extra level of comfort for LGBT families.

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