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Places to Visit in Asia, Africa and Latin America

With this blog, I aim to provide you with a sample of the types of destinations, adventures and experiential trips I can create. Though I limit myself here to three examples of trips I’ve personally taken myself, I can create a travel adventure for almost any global destination. Along with great places to visit in Asia, I’m going to give you a first-hand account of my trips to Morocco and Argentina


Set in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a vibrant and growing country that is full of surprises. The juxtaposition of its rich culture and history against its present-day, ultra-modern, high-end development is just one of the surprises that greets visitors.

From one month to the next, every city is changing and expanding. During my ten days here, I was impressed by how warm and welcoming the people were. I had the chance to speak with workers in the rice paddies and tourism workers used to dealing with Western tourists. Almost everyone I spoke with seemed open and happy to talk with me.  

The scenery alone would be worth traveling to see, but the warmth of the people will have you clamoring to return again and again. 


Argentina is a land of contrast and one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America. Your travel adventure here will include vibrant cities like Buenos Aires and other metropolitan cities with an international mix of cultures between the Italian, the Argentinian and the German, along with exciting nightlife and activities. 

Your adventure may take you to the countryside, to the mountains and deserts of Patagonia, where you’ll feel like you have gone to another planet, and to Bariloche at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. For lovers of culture and outdoor adventures, it is paradise.  


Situated in Northern Africa, Morocco is a welcoming country for Americans and an exotic land to explore. One of the most forward-thinking Islamic countries, Morocco is open-minded in its treatment of women, minorities and other religions. Walking the back streets of the old city of Marrakech, you feel like you have just traveled in time, back 300 or 400 years.  

Your travel adventure can take you up into the Atlas Mountains to meet villagers who will welcome you into their homes. These mountain-dwelling Moroccans haven’t changed their traditions over hundreds of years. There are areas where cars cannot travel where you will see only donkeys and cattle. Most importantly, in Morocco, Americans and Western travelers can feel safe and comfortable.

Would you like to go on one of these wonderful travel adventures? Contact me today and let’s get started planning your itinerary of great places to visit in Asia, Africa, and Latin America – or anywhere else in the world.