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Devora Wissell Luxury Travel Agent New York, New York
Tzell Travel Group
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Devora Wissell

New York, New York Travel Agent
Living like Royalty in Paris & Italy

I’ve been to a few places over the years that I could easily call favorites. One of them was Paris, where I went on a familiarization trip. I visited all the shops and I ate at wonderful restaurants, but best of all I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Every time I’m in Paris I try to stay there, just because it’s such an incredible place and they always put in that little extra effort for you. You just feel like royalty when you stay there.

When it comes to just traveling for myself, Italy is my number one favorite destination, my go-to place. I love, love, love, love it. I adore the Amalfi coast, Lake Como, to be near Portofino andthat whole region. Italy is just always a highlight of my travel plans. I usually stay for two weeks and if I could go every year, I would.