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Julia Fry

New York, New York Travel Agent
The Antarctica of Dream

I have never been to Antarctica, and I have only sent one client there. Nevertheless, this is the trip that stands out in my mind, because as I planned that trip, every detail was so unusual and so unique that I felt as if I was actually traveling there myself. 

The trip I planned was for a couple, and they were quite active and adventurous and were looking for a trip that would have a lot of hiking and kayaking. Several cruise lines offer sailings to Antarctica. This couple decided to cruise on a National Geographic expedition ship, partly because they offer a lot of activities. In addition, National Geographic brings along a whole team of experts including biologists, geologists, and undersea specialists who offer presentations and are on hand to answer questions throughout the trip. The trip was all they expected and more. 

Lately, I have been noticing new, more luxurious expedition ships being built to explore Antarctica. I’m looking forward to planning another trip there soon—and maybe one day soon, my own!