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Glenn Litwak Luxury Travel Agent New York, New York
Protravel International Corporate HQ
At Sea, Worldwide, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
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Glenn Litwak

New York, New York Travel Agent
Luxury Travel Advisor

Why I’m called Luxury Travel Expert Advisor, Travel Magician and “Pitbull with a Bone” 

How do I exceed travelers’ expectations and the monikers Luxury Travel Expert Advisor, Travel Magician and “Pitbull with a Bone?” By focusing on three main things: Good old-fashioned hard work, dedication until satisfaction and leverage of 42 years of carefully curated and formed relationships in the travel industry.

Call me Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Wizard or “Dog with a Bone.” Either way, I’ll provide you with the same service I give to all of my high-end clientele. I strive to say “yes” when others say “no.” 

I won’t rest until I’ve managed to bring my clients’ travel dreams to life.

My relationships, personal effort, relentless determination, experience and love for details makes the impossible possible. I make trips special for all my clients with little extras all along the way. Before I start working on a booking, I ask my clients to close their eyes and imagine a place or experience they want for their next vacation. From there, I take it and run. To this day, I’ve never promised anything I wasn’t able to deliver. And, I’ve delivered some extraordinary experiences. 

In fact, I’m always meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

As an example, John F. Kennedy Jr. wanted to take Caroline to his favorite ski chalet, but it was entirely booked and not even his name and status were able to change that. However, I made it happen. I got him a room in a completely full hotel. After leveraging my long-standing industry relationships, and reaching out to the inn keeper, she gave up her apartment for the two special guests.

I worked magic another time too. A famous model client contacted me to get tickets to Hamilton. She wanted to surprise her family who was coming to visit from Germany. The show was sold out, though. To anyone, but me it seems. I got the ticket for my client and she provided her family a lovely evening.

Luxury cruises are my specialty. I have some very wealthy clients and who can afford nearly anything including the best cruises in the world. Yet I’m able to adds some nice little extras to their bookings that make the trips more special and memorable.

I’ve passed deals on to them for their entire voyage, which may not sound like a lot for someone with a huge net worth, but I’ve found that people like to save money. I was able to get one of my clients a once-in-a-lifetime, one-time-only 5% discount on one of the top luxury cruise lines, just because he was a past sailor. On this particular cruise line, their policy states that before you leave your ship, you can put down a $500 deposit to receive a 5% discount on your next sailing. This deposit is valid for up to 4 years. Unfortunately, life happens, and my client didn’t leave the deposit on his last cruise, although I had reminded him of this great program.

When I booked his new cruise, the cruise line of course said “no” when I asked if I could still get the 5% discount for my client. I was determined to prove to my client that I am the man to call. That I am the one who can make the impossible possible. So, thanks to my determination, relationships and relentless hard work, I obtained the discount. I know that this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime, one-time-only exception the cruise line has given any travel expert.

Just last December, I booked an incredible trip to Borneo for a dear client. This woman loves animals and has been all over the world on a myriad of safaris. So, when I told her about the orangutans in Borneo and the experience I wanted create for her, she was stunned. The trip was an incredible river safari on lazy boat through Borneo. She was able to see the orangutans, pygmy elephants and so many other species you can’t find anywhere else on this planet. It was a very difficult trip, but I’ve learned a lot from this particular booking. Where Borneo is on a map. What type of typography, fauna and flora are there. And, the fact that (while you might not believe it) there are head hunters – so beware.

Luxury travel is my passion. I believe there are very few things I cannot accomplish. With this, I invite you to call me for the most extraordinary trip your life.