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Simone Woodyear McElroy

New York, New York Travel Agent
Business Trips for Pleasure

Travel advisor Simone Woodyear McElroy, President of BlueOrange Travel, has an impressive background in the entertainment, music, fashion, and publishing industries.

These diverse experiences give her the insight to instantly assess a client's needs. Simone seamlessly creates the ultimate business trip for all types of entertainment executives, masterfully fusing work with pleasure. Her dedicated travel agency services make the seemingly impossible delightfully possible.  She was focuse on "bleisure travel" before it was a trend.

Simone and her team devote themselves to finding the hottest spots in cosmopolitan cities around the world. Each business trip is customized to accommodate the one-of-a-kind needs of the client. From hassle-free travel arrangements to sophisticated accommodations, Simone recognizes what her corporate clients prefer. And she always goes the extra mile to get what they want.

Leaders in the entertainment industry depend on Simone for exceptional travel services. And she is well-prepared to save the day for her busy clients. One example of Simone's ability to go above and beyond as a travel advisor was a recent experience with a new account. The managing partner of the company was headed to London and scheduled to arrive at 8:00 AM. They decided to book the night before to guarantee availability, so she could check in right away rather than waiting for the usual check-in at 3 PM. 

The client chose to change her flight to a later time with letting Simone or the hotel know. The client arrived later than expected, at 10 AM, and realized she did not need the pricey room booked the night before. The client preferred to wait until regular check-in and asked if she could get a refund on the room. The cost was $850 plus tax. Simone was happy to try, regardless of the unpredictable circumstances. Fortunately, because Simone cultivates excellent connections with many people in the travel industry, she had an outstanding relationship with the hotel's management and sales team. With her pleasant personality, Simone was able to finesse her contact at the hotel to reverse the charges from the night before. And in the end, everyone was a winner, because the client decided to book a more expensive room. 

Another interaction with a CFO of an important client company in London proves Simone's dedication to making anything happen. The executive was scheduled to go to New York City for meetings before the return to San Francisco, where he is based. While in London, he heard about inclement weather and decided not to come to NYC to avoid the risk of getting stuck due to the storm. Instead, the client wanted to fly straight home to San Francisco.

Destination changes are challenging to obtain, as airlines typically allow you to adjust your travel date for free, but not your destination. The client had a ticket ending in NYC, and the flight to California was a separate ticket. Simone confidently called United Airlines to ask for a few favors. Once again, Simone has developed a fantastic relationship with the airline, along with leveraging the buying power of Tzell Travel Group. Based on her positive interactions in the past, Simone secured her client a non-stop ticket from London directly to San Francisco for at no charge. And as a bonus, she added economy plus, so the client was a little more comfortable on his long flight home. 

When put to the test, Simone can tackle any travel challenge, including when a client is in distress. She recalls receiving an urgent call from a client flying from Bermuda to NYC on the last flight of the day to make an early meeting the next morning. Upon arriving at the airport, the client discovered his flight was canceled. He was told to get in the queue to re-book his flight. Always ready to make sure her clients get the highest level of service, Simone instantly rang her airline contacts. She immediately transferred her client to a competing airline on a first-class ticket. Plus, she booked him in a hotel of his choice for the night rather than the one chosen by the airline. The client walked away from the queue and was met by a private car and driver. 

These experiences show Simone and her team build relationships, go beyond client expectations and consistently provide a fabulous travel experience.

Executives in entertainment, technology, non-profit organizations, and other companies on the top of Forbes' lists contact Simone for their travel arrangements. Contact Simone for the ultimate travel agency services in any circumstances. Her dedication to making every business trip easy and fun ensures executives comfortably enjoy every moment of their excursions around the world.