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Ife Mathis Luxury Travel Agent New York, New York
Tzell Travel Group
Africa, Europe, Worldwide, California, East and Southeast Asia, France, Montenegro, Middle East, USA, South Pacific
Corporate Hotel Programs, Premier Concierge Services, Wellness, Corporate Incentives, Villas, Wine Country Vacations, Corporate Retreats, Safari, Yacht Charter, Meetings & Incentives, Nature, International Business Travel Specialist, Private Escorted Tours

Ife Mathis

New York, New York Travel Agent
Family vacation in South Africa

Like most travel agents, I’ve had the privilege of being able to travel across the world, both for leisure and for destination research to expand my knowledge to benefit my clients. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I always appreciate the opportunity to travel to a new destination or an old favorite. It’s this love of travel that helps me create itineraries for my clients with care and precision.  

One of my favorite trips I’ve taken for leisure was to Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. I traveled there with my mother and sister and we had a wonderful time—eight days in total—learning about the culture and traditions, and interacting with the local population. I was able to speak with residents and learn about their politics and values, which helped me shape my views and open my eyes to this region of the world. 

When it comes to travel for my clients, I can make arrangements for:

  • Accommodations       
  • Airfare     
  • Conference room accommodations       
  • Dress code guideline information      
  • Entertainment passes and tickets       
  • Ground transportation     
  • Restaurant reservations depending on preferred cuisine and dietary restrictions  
  • And more

Basically, if you need it on your journey, I can provide it without a second thought. With the reach and connections of Bear & Bear Travel by my side, I can make your travel dreams come true. Contact me today if you would like to begin planning your next unforgettable trip.