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Christie Troutt Luxury Travel Agent Beverly Hills, California
Protravel International Beverly Hills
Australia & New Zealand, East and Southeast Asia, Europe, Mexico, USA
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Christie Troutt

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent
Why Travel Agents Matter

I often am a hero for my clients by being there for them when something unplanned and inconvenient arises during their trip, whether due to weather, illness or any of the many other things outside of anyone’s control. But on a recent trip with my parents, I experienced the magic of having a Protravel International agent backing your trip firsthand.

I was flying first class with my parents from Cancun to Los Angeles. We were scheduled to change planes in Dallas and although the planes were in different terminals, we should have had plenty of time to make the connection. What we could not have foreseen was how much our flight from Cancun would be delayed. As soon as we landed, I called one of my associates at the Protravel office. Within minutes, she had rebooked us on another flight.

My colleague told me which gate we needed to get to and our flight number. However, when I got to the counter to check in, the gate agent said, “I am sorry, but this flight is completely sold out.” I asked her to check my reservation and saw the amazement on her face when our reservations popped up. “How did you manage to do this,” she asked.”This flight is 100 percent booked and there is a waiting list. You got the very last seats on the flight.”

I have done this kind of thing many times for my clients, but it was the first time I ever experienced for myself how relaxing it feels to have your problem solved for you. You feel especially relieved when you see everyone else waiting in line to rebook and know that you do not have to.

More importantly, you know that you will get better care because your travel agent will be working for you, using the clout of Protravel International and their personal dedication to get you on the best possible flights.

I will never forget that feeling of privilege and gratitude when my parents and I got to the gate and were told, “You got the last seats.” It made my parents proud and it reminded me of the value of having a travel agent on your side.